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Brian Wong - Professional Economics Tutor
Excellent Teaching experience - Students from famous schools all over HK and England.
Expert of teaching UK GCE A level Exam - One of the Leading UK GCE Tutor in Hong Kong
香港領導的英國高考(GCE AL )經濟科導師之一

- UK GCE Alevel Economics ( Edexcel // AQA Examboard )
- IGCSE Economics ( Edexcel // CIE Examboard)
- IB Economics( Higher Level // Standard Level )

Know is the brand name of Brian Wong 's tutor centre.
-I expected my student could learn economics concepts with application and evaluation skills in my lessons,this enable my students to be the winnesr in the international public exams.

是BRIAN WONG 的教學中心品牌
,- 我希望學生學到的不是只基本的學科知識, 更重要的是理解及應用能力, 令學生能在競爭激烈的國際考試中脫穎而出


Tutorial Center Location:
Flat E 14/F Wing Kut Street Shing Hing Commercial Building, Sheung Wan
上環永吉街21-27號誠興商業大廈14/F UNIT E

[ 上環地鐵站E1出口, 沿電車路往中環方向步行2分鐘至萬寧轉入永吉街中段,即可到達, 交通非常方便]


Experienced professional tutor for UK GCE / IGCSE / IB Economics, student come from famous schools all over UK and Hong Kong
少數擁有豐富國際考試教學經驗濟的專業導師, 學生來自香港及英國各大著名中學及寄宿學校, 亞洲,歐洲,澳洲,北美的大學

Teaching Features 教學特點
- Exam Focus 教學以考試為本
- Exam Skills and Tectics Enhancement 考試技巧及戰略優化
- Simple and Systematic teaching -> Focus on Core concepts 簡單而且有系統教學, 清晰理解核心概念及圖表
- Interative with Student 教學與學生相向互動
- Target on Student Results 以提升成績為目標
- In class prastise -> suggestion -> correction -> improvement 即堂練習及批改,提供可行的改善建議
- Keep updating with the Exam Changes (e.g. how to Apply QE in UK GCE Exam, 例如應用量化寬鬆政策概念於最新英國高考)
- Helpful and Supportive 全面支持及鼓勵學生提升

[English speaking students are also welcome, I have experience in teaching foreign students like French / Indian // Also provide Putonghau Economics teaching service- 提供普通話經濟科教學服務]
Contact Brian

- Please feel free to contact me
Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm (Hong Kong Time)
(London Time 8:00am to 3:00pm )

- Oversea students are welcome to provide me your MSN or Skype details in email for contact.
About Brian Wong

- Well experienced Professional Full time Economics tutor
- One of the most popular economics tutor for UK GCE Alevel exam in HK
- UK students from more than 30 different borading school 學生來自超過30間不同英國院校
-Local internation school Student come from famous international school all over HK 本地國際學校學生遍佈全港不同國際院校
-University level student come from 4 different continents 大學程度學生來自歐洲,北美,澳洲及亞洲
-Graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Major in Economics-Master of Professional Accounting,Graduate School of Business -HKPU


Students come from:
- Colchester Royal Grammar School -Edexcel
- North London Collegiate
school, London -Edexcel
-Peter Symond
s Wincester
- Roedean School,Brighten
- City of London freemens' school, London - AQA

>over 30 different UK schools
Chinese International School
漢基國際學校 [IB]
German Swiss International
South Island International
King George V
英皇佐治五世學校 [HK IB]
Canadian International
加拿大國際學校 [HK-IB]
Over 10 different int' schools

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